Sydney’s favourite N’orleans brass band to grace The Basement and Django Bar

That’s right folks, The BRASSHOLES are headlining at The Basement (10th of October) AND Django Bar (23rd of October)!

Natural born, street walking, jive talking entertainers; this collective could be described as peddlers of pure happiness and good times; it’s music for your mind, body and soul. Stumble upon them yourselves, seek them out if you dare and immerse yourself in scenes of wild abandon, bar top Saxophonising and Trombone grinding goodness. With one foot firmly planted in the New Orleans marching brass band traditions, and the other in pumping brass interpretations of modern dance floor fillers, you’re destined to enjoy this night out.

Support band will be Oven Fresh Beats! (Basement only
Oven Fresh are a 5 piece hip-hop band with a sound that blends old school jazzy boom bap sensibilities with a modern twist. MC’s Sxwxt & TVMPST weave lyrical sunshowers over beats that deal with everyday life from their own unique perspective. The rhythm section is held down by Matt Lamb on bass and Steve Allison on drums, providing a heavy hitting groove that has heads nodding instantly. Accompanied by Takeshi Kawabata, a classically trained pianist who shows off his technical ability and love for J Dilla. This Oven Fresh ensemble culminates in an energetic and exciting live show sure to leave the dancefloor begging to hear what’s next out the kitchen!

Tickets on sale now!

The Basement October 10:

Django Bar October 23rd: