Dan Barnett Releases New Album “Walkin’ Shoes”

walking-shoesIt’s not your walkin’ shoes but your dancin’ shoes you’ll need to put on when you hear the much-anticipated seventh studio album from Sydney jazz veteran and big band leader Dan Barnett.
The effervescent singer, trombonist and ‘shellman’ is joined by his stellar 14-piece big band jam-packed with the best and brightest musicians the Sydney jazz scene has to offer.
Special guest vocalist Eloi d’or award-winner Tricia Evy from France/ Guadeloupe lends her upbeat and playful style to tunes such as ‘Come Rain or Come Shine’, ‘It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t got that Swing’ and ‘They Can’t Take That Away from Me’.
Add to the mix celebrated Aussie vibraphone player/arranger Kelly Ottaway – winner of the 2016 Jazzgroove Mothership Composition Competition – whose arrangements of the title track ‘Walkin’ Shoes’, ‘I’m Old Fashioned’ and ‘Fly Like and Eagle’ to name a few are a testament to his reputation.
For more information, and to get your copy, visit Dan’s website at www.danbarnett.com.au